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About us

Our Story

My grandfather was a farmer, so growing up we ate from what was produced by the land, Grenville Kitchen is named after him.


At Grenville Kitchen we follow a plant based philosophy; making meals that consist of whole grains (rice, quinoa, kamut, etc), beans, potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Basically if it’s from the land and grown naturally we use it to create awesome nutrition packed meals that contain no animal products. So they are fully vegan.

With constant attention paid to learning new recipes and cooking techniques, experimenting with flavor combinations, we wanted to make dishes that as a society we are all familiar with so you may see ziti on our menu as well as Caribbean or even African inspired dishes.

We also strongly believe that good food starts from scratch, no preservatives, attention to detail and presentation is essential. After all we do eat with our eyes first, think of the phrase "I see something that looks awesome", then "I wonder how it tastes". Taste is always the key, and there is nothing that comes out of a box that will replace the pure delight of eating something that was prepared from whole food. With this in mind Grenville Kitchen uses only the freshest and most organic ingredients, and specializes in Plant based vegan options.

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Our satisfied customers say...


Rodney Brumfield

This place is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Cameron Wallace

“The Lasagna is absolutely amazing, had to keep asking if it was really vegan! 

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